Witty's Ceramic Pot Smoker!

Inspired by Alton Brown
Clay flower pot, 15.5" diameter at the top, on the inside.
Dropped a 1000 watt hotplate in the bottom that I picked up at Walgreens. They're cheap.
Put the pot up on some "feet" (or bricks or whatever) and run the cord for the hotplate through the drainage hole of the flower pot. You may have to widen the hole a bit, I suppose. But I didn't.
The lid is a flower "bowl", same diameter as the pot. I fashioned a handle out of big ol' bolt, some chain and an electrical outlet cover (shown below). I drilled a hole in the plate and screwed-in an eye hook, attached the chain with some heavy-gauged wire, etc.

Using the pre-existing hole in the plate on the edge, I drilled a hole through the bowl to match and secured the cover plate to the bowl with another eye hook (it's all I had handy and it may come in useful). Then I drilled another hole in the bowl to attach the thermometer, which is just a replacement for a standard grill.

This is the underside of the lid. The wing nut on the left is for the thermometer. The nut on the right is the extra eye hook that holds the plate up against the underside of the bowl.
Use a fairly heavy metal pan to hold the wood chips (hickory in this case). Drop it right down on top of the burner.
Add a replacement grill grate from the hardware store. That one is 13.5" in diameter. The chicken is brined, backbone, wing tips removed, and split in half.
Here she is all put together doin' the smokin' thang!
1.5 hours later, at ~225 degrees...
Boo Yah! Good stuff by itself, as a sandwich and even better the next day pulled from the bone and added to Tortilla Soup.